Young People Look to Future of Glenrothes

Published date : 24 Aug 2018

Young people to look to the future of Glenrothes


Local young people are coming together to work on a unique project which seeks to develop creative ideas to improve local areas around Glenrothes.

Pupils from Glenwood High School are participating in “Bridging the Gap”, a project delivered by Scotland’s leading place charity, PAS, in partnership with Fife Council. Through a series of workshops, young people will consider their local area and the impact of change for them and others in their community. The activities will emphasise working collaboratively and include opportunities for outdoor learning. Pupils will use a range of digital tools, including the Scottish Government’s Place Standard.

The Glenrothes workshops mark the beginning of a new phase of the project, funded by the Scottish Government, in several locations across Scotland, following a successful pilot delivered with Galashiels Academy and the Scottish Borders Council.

Glenrothes MSP and member of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee, Jenny Gilruth, said:

"I am delighted that the pupils of Glenwood High School will have the opportunity to participate in the Bridging the Gap project. Having witnessed the project in action through my work on the Local Government Committee in the Scottish Parliament, I know how powerful involving young people in planning decisions can be.

"It is vitally important that the voices of young people are heard in decisions about the environment in which they live, learn and play - particularly in 2018, the Year of Young People. I have consistently raised the need to ensure we think about the involvement of young people in the Scottish Government’s Planning Bill, which is currently progressing through the Scottish Parliament."


"The planning system can be overly complex at times - which is exactly why projects like Bridging the Gap are so important. Young people need to understand how planning will influence their futures - through building new schools fit for purpose, for example. I’m absolutely delighted this project is coming to Glenwood High School and I look forward to meeting pupils to discuss their work with PAS soon."


Speaking about the events, PAS Chief Executive, Petra Biberbach said:

“The Bridging the Gap project in Glenrothes is the beginning of an exciting programme of workshops with local young people across Scotland. In all of our work, we see every day how passionate young people are about their local places, if they are given the forum and opportunity to feed in their ideas. By embracing new technology, we can make key decision-making processes about the places in which we live and work much closer to local people.”

“At PAS, we believe it is especially important that young people are engaged in the places in which they live and work. As the future generation, they have a fundamental right to shape the environment in which they live their lives. As a modern, forward-looking country, Scotland can embrace technology as a way of reducing barriers for local communities to engage in their places.”


Pictured: Jenny pictured with PAS Chief Executive, Petra Biberbach.  

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