Published date : 21 Apr 2020

The ongoing work of Curnie Clubs to tackle the effects of social isolation throughout the Kingdom during the Coronavirus outbreak has been praised by Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth.


Curnie Clubs, including the Glenrothes group, have been welcoming society’s most isolated since 2016 and are accessible and community-based – often linking up with each other across Fife.


Government guidelines in place to mitigate the worst effects of the Coronavirus outbreak have advised against anything but essential travel, resulting in social isolation and loneliness for many.


But Curnie Clubs are rising to the challenge by providing support through online group activities and specialist one-to-one assistance that is open to all adults in Fife.


In March the Scottish Government unveiled their £3.8 million digital mental health strategy and stressed the importance of looking after mental health during such trying times.


Ms Gilruth, a long-time supporter of Curnie Clubs, said:


“I am indebted to the work being undertaken by Curnie Clubs in Fife, and all they are doing in local area during such difficult times. 

“As our country faces the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, the move from groups, such as Curnie Clubs, will benefit many of the most vulnerable in our communities.

“It is vital that during this period of uncertainty anyone who requires support for their mental health can receive it, and I am grateful for the inclusive and proactive way in which Curnie Clubs are going about providing this support.”


Commenting on the recent efforts to adapt to the pandemic, Glenrothes Curnie Club Project Worker, Jo Mitchell, said:


“Some Curnie Members are feeling extra pressure during this time of lockdown. The staff team and the other Members are being extra supportive and helping them through this.

“Other than one to one conversations we have our Facebook groups. But we also have virtual group activities every day. These can be anything from art or cooking sessions to debates, or just chatting or watching a film together.

“The main thing is that, where people have been totally isolated or lonely, they now have a group of friends who understand what that can be like, so it’s very welcoming. Our Members often say to us it feels like family.”


To access support please call 07807011951, or email



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