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Publised date : 07 Sep 2016

Jenny Gilruth MSP, Constituency MSP For Mid Fife & Glenrothes today (Wed 7th September) raised the issue of the upgrade of the A92 and the Levenmouth Railway during a debate on the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government where the MSP outlined the importance of infrastructure and connectivity, particularly for communities that are not closely linked to the major cities.      The First Minister had earlier in the week outlined almost £20 billion to be invested in a major infrastructure programme designed to help build Scotland’s future.  Ms Gilruth firstly acknowledged the importance of the new Queensferry Crossing.

Commenting she said -

“Far from the new Crossing being a vanity project, it is a feat of Scottish engineering, a vital connector for Fife to our major cities, thus opening up trade opportunities to businesses which would otherwise cease to exist”

With reference to the A92 Ms Gilruth added -

“The stretch of the A92 in my constituency and travelling north beyond Freuchie has witnessed a concerning number of accidents over the years.  Between 2004 and 2014 a total of 259 accidents were recorded.  The £200,000 of investment already committed towards the A92 is welcome. However, Transport Scotland require to improve their communication with local community groups and I look forward to meeting with them next week to discuss this amongst other issues”.

On rail, the MSP concluded -

“Whilst acknowledging the Borders Railway has shown how investment in rail infrastructure can yield benefit for communities, Levenmouth direly needs that investment.  I am delighted that the Scottish Government is committed to investing over £5 billion throughout Scotland  to revolutionise a rail industry that has been badly neglected over previous decades”  **

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