Published date : 28 Jan 2020

A new report has warned that Brexit will hit the most vulnerable people in Fife – highlighting negative consequences such as the loss of legal rights, employment protections and healthcare rights.


The report, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts on those already facing inequality, discrimination, or social exclusion in society.


It warns that a “hard” Brexit, along the lines of the deal which is being proposed by Boris Johnson, could lead to a slowdown in the economy with job losses increased, the cost of living and food prices pushed up and reductions in public spending.


The Social and Equality Impacts of Brexit” also warned that Brexit could negatively affect the supply and access to food, fuel and medicines.


The Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP said: 


“Any form of Brexit will be bad for Scotland – and will hit jobs and household incomes in Fife.


“With just days until the UK is due to leave the EU, people and businesses in Fife will be understandably concerned with the complete lack of clarity coming from Boris Johnson’s government.


“Far from delivering extra cash for the NHS, as was infamously promised by the Leave campaign bus - those on low-incomes face losing access to public services, the ability to buy daily essentials in the case of price rises, and access to affordable housing.  


“Fife voted to remain in the EU – just like every local authority in Scotland – and yet we’ve been entirely side-lined and ignored by the Tory government ever since. 


“It is clearer than ever that the best future for Scotland is one as an equal, independent European nation.”





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