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Publised date : 06 Aug 2018



Fife MSP, Jenny Gilruth, joined the Woodland Trust to learn more about the endangered Rowan tree on a recent visit to Keil’s Den. The politician was given a tour of the ancient woodland before helping staff carry out a tree survey. 


Ms Gilruth is the Scottish Parliament’s ‘species champion’ for the Rowan tree. 

The MSP met with site Manager, Jill Aitken, to discuss the tree’s importance to Scotland’s natural environment and what political support can be offered to protect the species.


The Scottish Environment Link’s Species Champion Programme encourages MSPs to raise awareness and promote action to safeguard Scotland’s diverse environment. Jenny Gilruth MSP has been an active member of the programme for some time and has now visited all of Woodland Trust Scotland’s sites within her constituency. Commenting, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:


“I loved my time at Keil’s Den - it was a pleasure to meet with Site Manager, Jill Aitken, and her team to learn more about the important work of the Woodland Trust Scotland.


“The Rowan tree is, of course, an important part of Scottish heritage. Today, however, as a threatened native species, we all have a duty to ensure that necessary steps are taken to conserve the Rowan tree. The Woodland Trust should be commended for their efforts in ensuring new trees are planted across Fife and the wider country’. 


Arina Nagy-Vizitiu, Public Affairs Officer at the Woodland Trust, added:


“The Species Champions programme aims to engage all MSPs, regardless of their backgrounds, with environmental issues. MSPs can lend political support to a particular species and environmental cause.


“Jenny Gilruth MSP is the Species Champion for our native rowan tree – an important species in native woodland creation. Having engaged in tree planting with schools in her constituency and represented environmental issues in parliament, Jenny is very supportive of our work at Woodland Trust.


“We need political support for more native woodland creation and to meet Scotland’s ambitious tree planting targets, but also look after the woods that we have.”



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