Scottish Enterprise Funding Creates New Glenrothes Jobs

Published date : 31 Aug 2018

Scottish Enterprise Funding Creates New Glenrothes Jobs


£370,000 investment to create 40 new jobs across the Kingdom


Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth has welcomed news Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grants from Scottish Enterprise have helped bring 12 manufacturing jobs to the town.


Relocating from the south east of England, Cyclotricity will manufacture electric bicycles thanks to a £120,000 RSA grant, creating the roles at its new Glenrothes headquarters.


Renovite Technologies, an electronic payment company from California, have also received an RSA grant to help grow its existing Dunfermline location, creating 28 new high tech roles.


Commenting on the announcement, MSP Jenny Gilruth said:


“It’s great to see this funding from Scottish Enterprise deliver local employment opportunities as well as wider economic and community benefits.


"Glenrothes is a great place for businesses to establish themselves and grow. This latest announcement is testament to Fife’s attractiveness to investors, in terms of availability of skills and infrastructure.


"The Scottish Government is doing great work in supporting businesses to maximise the opportunities that come from established strengths in innovation and technology.


Ian Byrne, Regional Manager, Cyclotricity, said:


"The move to Fife is designed to make us more competitive. We looked at every possible location, but quickly narrowed it down to two. After considering every aspect, we decided that Glenrothes ticked every box and offered us an edge that was unavailable in any other potential UK site.


"When coupled with the support provided by Scottish Enterprise and Fife Council it puts us on track to compete with much bigger players. We can now develop new products and make new hires because of RSA and R&D funding."



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