Published date : 18 Dec 2017

Leven MSP Jenny Gilruth has this week hit out at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Holyrood, following the bank’s decision to close the local branch earlier this year. 


The branch closure comes on the back of 259 closures across the UK - a decision described by Unite the Union as ‘morally bankrupt’. The bank recorded an £871 million profit in the third quarter of 2017.


Commenting in a debate in the Scottish Parliament, the MSP said:


‘In my constituency the Leven branch shut its doors on the 3rd of October. There was no consultation. I found out about it and the replacement mobile banking service via email.


The mobile bank now visits Leven 3 times a week. But the sum total of is opening hours is just a shocking 4 and a half hours. 


All time slots fall within the hours of a normal working day. Two fall across the morning period. And one is over lunch. Additionally, these mobile banks are not accessible for wheelchair users. 


I don’t think it coincidental that within weeks or RBS and the Clydesdale bank announcing closures, WH Smith shut shop too. Once the banks go, the shops close. And then what?’


The MSP has consistently used her position as Leven’s representative in Holyrood to advocate for investment in Levenmouth. Commenting on Friday, following the debate, she said:


‘The Royal Bank of Scotland is 73% owned by the tax payer. It is outrageous that the Bank believe they can dispose of the communities they are meant to serve so callously. They have left Leven behind’.


The Royal Bank of Scotland were unable to provide the MSP’s office with any footfall numbers for the three months prior to the branch closing - despite using footfall as an argument to support the closure. 


The MSP visited the ATM machine in Leven on Friday morning, which RBS have left operational. At the time of writing the machine is out of order. 

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