Published date : 04 Feb 2019

Rothes Comic Con is set to take place for the third time in Glenrothes this summer. Suitable for heroes of all ages, Rothes Comic Con is a full day event packed with workshops, competitions and stalls selling everything from the latest brand names to original works of art.


Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth met with Ian Boner and Gary Erskine, the organisers behind Rothes Comic Con, ahead of this year’s event at the Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre. For the first time since launching, the Comic Con will now be taking place at the Leisure Centre and will run from 10am -5pm on the 8th of June.  Discussing the event, Jenny Gilruth MSP said –


“It was good to meet with Ian and Gary and hear all about their exciting ideas for this year’s Rothes Comic Con. As ever, the event looks set to be a huge success for the town and it was a great opportunity to hear directly from Ian and Gary about their plans for this year’s new location. I am sure that Comic fans of all ages will enjoy what’s in store this June”.


Commenting, Creative Director of Rothes Comic Con, Gary Erskine said –


“It was a pleasure to meet Jenny Gilruth MSP at the Michael Woods Sports Centre last week.  Her encouragement and enthusiasm for the Rothes Comic Con was genuine and appreciated and I am sure she will enjoy the event and guests and especially Scotland’s favourite artist, Neil Slorance. We look forward to putting on a great family friendly show for the local community and wider Fife audience and making for a Grand Day Out on Saturday 8th June.”


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