Published date : 22 Mar 2019

Both Glenrothes and Kennoway’s Men’s Sheds have been recognised in the Scottish Parliament. Local MSP, Jenny Gilruth, praised the organisations in a debate in the Parliament Chamber, which focused on Men’s Sheds. 


The idea of ‘Men’s Sheds’ originated in Australia in the 1990s, with the overall ambition to improve health. Many Sheds are now not only for men, but the ethos to promote social interaction and increase quality of life remains the same. 


Jenny Gilruth MSP opened Glenrothes Men’s Shed in the Summer of 2018. The Fife politician also visited and met with members at Kennoway Community Shed, on Tuesday of this week, alongside Councillor David Alexander. Kennoway’s Shed is so successful, it has the largest membership in the entire country, including a large number of women. 


Commending in Parliament, Jenny Gilruth MSP said - 


“I think Men’s Sheds have a real and crucial role to play in tackling social isolation and loneliness. But they are more than just brick and mortar. There is a strong bond of community throughout – where everyone, irrespective of age or gender – has something to contribute to the greater good.”


Kennoway’s Shed Founder, Bob McPhail, added:


“Every Shed is unique in their own way, ours is mixed some are just men only. Together we are making a huge difference to people’s lives and making them feel part of something. Some pass on skills that they have, other will come just for a chat and a cuppa and try and set the world to rights.”


Kennoway’s Shed is open every Tuesday and Friday, 10am - 2pm and its base in Cotlands Park. Glenrothes’ Shed is open Monday, 10am - 1pm, Tuesday 10am - 4pm, and Thursday 10am - 1pm and 7pm - 10pm. The Shed is based at Poplar road in Glenrothes, just behind the Co-op. Both Sheds are open to new members.




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