Parliament Calls on Leven for Bank Closures

Published date : 01 Jun 2018


Leven MSP Jenny Gilruth has urged the town’s residents to take part in the Scottish Parliament’s enquiry on bank closures across Scotland.


The Economy, Jobs and Fairwork Committee are coming to Leven on 11th June to hear views and experiences of bank closures first-hand. In particular, MSPs would like to hear what the impact of bank closures has been and what can be done to address any issues arising.


These views will feed into the Committee’s final report on the issue that will make recommendations to the Scottish and UK Government on what should be done to address any concerns identified through the inquiry. The Committee will expect responses from both Governments on its report.


Jenny Gilruth MSP has been vocal in her criticism of RBS’s decision to close the Leven branch and has hit out at further cuts to its replacement mobile banking provision. Clydesdale Bank in Leven also recently shut its doors.


Commenting ahead of the Committee visit, the MSP said:


“Leven has been deserted by its two major banks. The behaviour of the Royal Bank of Scotland in recent months has been truly unforgiveable.


“I’ve visited the mobile bank which remains inaccessible for those with mobility problems. I watched elderly customers struggle in the freezing cold. The Royal Bank’s response was to slash the time the van spent in Leven by more than half.


“This Parliamentary enquiry is a good opportunity for local people to tell MSPs exactly what bank closures have cost Leven.


“Whether you’re a small business owner, an elderly customer or someone who has a disability – it’s clear to see from the Royal Bank’s actions that Leven is expendable.


“The people must now make the case to the Government about why our banks matter.”


The event will be held on 11th of June 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Caledonian Hotel, Leven.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information about the event, please contact our Committee Clerk Colleen Quinn on 0131 348 5243 or

If you’re unable to come along, you can still provide your views to the Committee. Details about the inquiry can be found on its webpage at:




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