MSP Welcomed “Local Hero” To The Scottish Parliament

Published date : 04 Oct 2021

For Immediate release:


Monday 4 October

Jennifer Gill, who established and leads local charity Love Oliver, attended the Official Opening of The Sixth Session of The Scottish Parliament with Jenny Gilruth MSP, after being nominated as Mid Fife and Glenrothes’ Local Hero.

In July, all 129 MSPs were invited to nominate a constituent who makes a positive difference to the lives of others – often with little recognition - as their Local Hero.

On Saturday, all Local Heroes made a contribution to the Scottish Parliament’s Opening Ceremony events to mark the start of the new parliamentary session.

The Local Heroes also had the opportunity to attend a reception with The Queen and The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay as part of the Opening Ceremony.

The Love Oliver charity makes a positive difference to the lives of children with cancer across Scotland. Established in 2011, the charity continues to go from strength to strength. This year the charity opened its first shop in the Kingdom Centre, Glenrothes, and reached a milestone of raising £1 million.

Commenting, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

“As the Sixth Session of the Scottish Parliament was underway, it’s right that the people of Scotland were placed at the heart of the events.

“Together with my fellow MSPs, we celebrated the achievements of our Local Heroes from across every constituency and region in Scotland.

“Jennifer Gill’s work through Love Oliver is truly inspirational. The local charity is dedicated to providing practical support and financial assistance to all families in Scotland facing a childhood cancer diagnosis. They recently opened a children’s charity shop in Glenrothes, and in August they reached a milestone of raising £1 million.

“This money has funded two PHD students at Newcastle University and employs a full time technician there. Alongside this, it has provided 900 financial grants to families and over 2,000 vouchers. I am honoured to have a charity like Love Oliver, which continues to make a difference to the lives of people across Scotland, based in my constituency and am delighted that their work was recognised as part of the Scottish Parliament’s Opening Ceremony.”

Commenting, Local Hero, Jennifer Gill said:

“It was a huge surprise and great honour to learn I had been chosen as Jenny Gilruth's guest for the opening of Parliament.

It was a privilege to have Jenny officially opening The LoveOliver Shop earlier this year, as well as taking part in the Stornoway Half Marathon a few years ago. Jenny is such an encouragement to us and her continuing support means so much to all of the team at LoveOliver.”







Background information


Local Heroes have taken part in the opening ceremonies of the Scottish Parliament in 2007, 2011 and 2016.



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