Published date : 03 Oct 2019

 Local MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has secured a timeline from the Scottish Government for the much needed and planned A92 road improvements in the Glenrothes area.

The town’s MSP asked the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Michael Matheson MSP, for an update and detailed timeline of the planned A92 improvements at Balfarg and Cadham Road junctions.

The update given in The Scottish Parliament chamber follows the MSP’s meeting with Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland officials in August, which focused on the work being undertaken to improve the safety of the motorway for both pedestrians and drivers. 

The Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson MSP, said:

“Further to Transport Scotland officials meeting with north Glenrothes community council on 27 August, a meeting will be arranged in March to provide further information on the plans that are being developed for the Balfarg junction. In the meantime, our operating company, BEAR Scotland, is working to deliver the short-term measures at the Balfarg and Cadham junctions, and will undertake any necessary public consultation.

“I know that officials have discussed a range of short and long-term upgrades to the A92 near Glenrothes. The short-term improvements should be delivered by the end of this year, subject to consultation with, and agreement by stakeholders. The most substantial improvements, which relate to major junction improvements, require further development and will be considered in any future year budget allocations.

‘‘Our operating company has programmed the detailed design of the improvements—primarily, the signalisation of the junctions at Balfarg and Freuchie—for completion by the end of this financial year. Following that, Transport Scotland officials will meet the community to provide a further update on the longer-term items.’’

The confirmation from the Cabinet Secretary follows repeated interventions by the local MSP on behalf of the community – in 2018, the former Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP attended a site visit to the A92 with members of the North Glenrothes Community Council hosted by Jenny Gilruth MSP to discuss vital road improvements to the A92, in particular at the Balfarg junction and at Cadham.

Commenting after the update in the Scottish Parliament chamber, the MSP said:

“For those of us who use the A92 these much needed road improvements can’t come soon enough. I am grateful to have secured confirmation that the first part of planned improvements will complete by the end of this financial year. This action would not have come about were it not for the sterling work of both North Glenrothes Community Council and the Glenrothes Area Futures Group over the years – both of whom should be commended for their tenacious commitment to improving road safety on that stretch of the A92. 

“I will continue to engage with Transport Scotland, Bear Scotland and Fife Council to ensure the work is completed as soon as possible for the benefit of my constituents”.



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