Published date : 08 Nov 2019

Fife MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has commended the success of the ‘To Absent Friends’ remembrance festival during a visit to The Homelands Trust in Lundin Links.


‘To Absent Friends’ is held throughout Scotland during the first week of November.  The festival of storytelling and remembrance aims to keep the memories and stories of loved ones that have passed away alive. 


The Paxton Centre at Homelands in Lundin Links is hosting activities for the second year. These include a tree of remembrance, a cafe of reminiscence, crafting a memorial windchime, and people have been invited to place an illuminated lily in memory of a loved one in the garden of the centre. 


Commenting after adding her own tribute to the tree, the MSP said:

“I was delighted to be able to visit and take part in this years ‘To Absent Friends’ festival here in Lundin Links. 

“Jan, Sue, and the whole team of volunteers do a power of work coordinating the various events during the week-long festival to ensure that our loved ones live on in our memories.

 “I wish all involved continued success going forward with their ‘To Absent Friends’ related endeavours, and look forward to hearing more about the events put on next year.” 


Jan Kerr, a trustee of The Homelands Trust said:

“The Paxton Centre at Homelands has participated in ‘To Absent Friends’ week again this year. It’s important to ensure that loves ones who have died live on in our memories and in the stories we share.” 


End of life doula and event organiser, Sue Weststeyn, added:

“To Absent Friends is an annual festival of storytelling and remembrance held throughout Scotland through the first week of November. 

“Family or friends who have died are remembered in the stories and memories shared about them, and ‘To Absent Friends’ provides a platform for this.” 


The Paxton Centre hold ‘To Absent Friends’ yearly, as well as the Good Death week that is held in May. More information can be found here:



Photos attached:

  1. (L-R) Jan Kerr, Jenny Gilruth MSP and Sue Weststeyn infront of the remembrance wall.
  2. Jenny Gilruth MSP adding her tribute to the remembrance wall.
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