Published date : 02 Sep 2019

Fife MSP Jenny Gilruth is leading a local beach clean in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and volunteers at Lower Largo beach on Monday 23rd September 2019.


The MSP will join the citizen science project as part of The Great British Beach Clean to help clear and survey the litter found on the beach of Lower Largo. 


Last year, 2,913 Scottish volunteers took part, removing an incredible 75,807 individual items of litter at 135 beach cleans along 15,680 metres of Scottish coastline. 


Commenting ahead of the event, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

“The impact of litter, plastic and pollution on the local environment is a concern for all of the communities I represent. Our beaches are no different and with large amounts of rubbish being washed ashore it is important to take action in the effort to combat the issue.

“I am aware of a number of hard-working residents who dedicate much of their own time to help clean our coastline in the Lower Largo and Lundin Links area - I hope this event can help raise even more awareness of the importance of our marine environment.

“I would like to offer my thanks to the Marine Conservation Society for igniting the highly successful annual Great British Beach Clean movement, and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust for providing litter pickers and refuse bags.  

“I am really looking forward to the beach clean and I would be delighted to see local residents take part in the day of action!”


Catherine Gemmell, an MCS Scotland Conservation Officer added:


“It’s fantastic to see that local MSP Jenny Gilruth will be joining us at Lower Largo to support our Great British Beach Clean; it’s really important for decision-makers to see how much litter, especially plastic, makes its way on to our beaches.


“We hope that Ms Gilruth’s attendance at the Great British Beach Clean will encourage local constituents to join us for an eye-opening day on the beaches of Lower Largo. It's vital that we all continue to work together to stop the tide of plastic in our oceans.”


Constituents looking to join Jenny at the Great British Beach Clean can sign up to volunteer, or email lucy.grieve@parliament.scotand be part of the biggest and most influential fight against marine litter in the UK.




Media Contacts:

- Victoria Riglen, Media Relations Manager at the Marine Conservation Society (

-  Catherine Gemmell, Conservation Officer at the Marine Conservation Society (Scotland) (

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