Published date : 13 Dec 2016

MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes Jenny Gilruth has applauded the rise in teacher numbers across Fife.

The rise has been driven by efforts by the Scottish Government to increase teacher numbers through initiatives such as the Attainment Scotland Fund.

Numbers of teachers have risen from 50,717 to 50,970 across the country since 2015 with an increase of four in Fife for the same period, taking the total up to 3,548.

This is part of a nationwide increase of 253 teachers, including 160 directly funded by the Scottish Government’s Attainment Scotland Fund.

Commenting, Ms Gilruth said: “This growth in teacher numbers across Fife is very welcome, and reflects the Scottish Government’s commitment to getting it right for every child.

"The SNP has made closing the attainment gap a priority during this parliament, and actions such as the Attainment Scotland Fund, which has driven this increase in teacher numbers, shows the positive difference the Scottish Government is making for children across Fife.

“We are determined to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up, and that means making sure our children are able to benefit from high quality education – and the increase in teacher numbers over the last year is one way in which we are doing this.

“The £750 million Attainment programme is already having a tangible impact in getting more teachers into our schools, and I look forward to working with the Scottish Government to ensure that children across Fife continue to benefit.” 

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