Published date : 08 Mar 2019


Today (Friday 8th March) Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth paid a visit to DPS Group’s headquarters in Glenrothes to meet apprentices as part of Skills Development Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship Week 2019.


DPS is a leading provider of smart solutions to manufacturing industries, and now employs seven Modern Apprentices, one Adult Apprentice (over 25) and two Foundation Apprentices which enables apprentice places for those still in school education.


DPS Group has a long, proud history of supporting apprentices, having employed 28 of them over the last 16 years. Every single apprentice has been offered a full-time role at the end of their training, which is delivered in partnership with Fife College.


Jenny Gilruth, the MSP for Mid-Fife and Glenrothes, views DPS group as an integral employer within the community and said:


“I was absolutely delighted to visit DPS in Glenrothes and to meet with the apprentices as part of apprenticeship week.  DPS are a valuable employer in my constituency and it’s great news that the company now employs over ten people as apprentices.  Staying on at school – or going straight into further or higher education, isn’t the right pathway for everyone – that’s why apprenticeships are so important, because they provide an opportunity for employment and for training on the job.  DPS have employed 28 apprentices since 2003 – that shows a real investment in people and I’d like to congratulate the company on all their work to support skilled employment in the Glenrothes area”.


Apprentices at DPS Group gain a broad education during their time combining formal qualifications and relevant working experience across the group in their electrical, industrial control, instrumentation and safety businesses.


The Glenrothes based electrical, instrumentation and control specialists have enjoyed strong growth in recent years, significantly increasing their workforce.


In January, DPS Group announced it expects to recruit at least 17 new electrical specialists and project managers delivering a major boost to Glenrothes and the surrounding areas as a result of a record order book.


DPS Group are the forefront of developing new smart solutions to help create the ‘factory of the future’ with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at the heart of their approach.


According to global research company Gartner, innovations such as smart, connected products, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) will be key to productivity improvement and new demand in the IT sector through 2022.


DPS Group director Colin Burnett comments:


“We are proud to have helped so many apprentices build a career within our industry. After all these years our commitment has never been stronger. We want to give young people in Fife an opportunity to build a career they can be proud of. The fact we’ve offered a full-time role to every person who has completed our programme, is evidence of how important apprenticeships are to our industry in general and to the success of DPS group in particular.”


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