Published date : 15 Nov 2019

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has praised Collydean Community Centre on their recent success in securing Scottish Government funding.


Collydean’s Community Centre secured their funding grant from the new Scottish Government Investing in Communities Fund and the Scottish Welfare Fund.  The funding award will enable the centre to employ a second full time member of staff.


The “Centre Activator” post will focus on tackling poverty and improving the health and wellness of the Collydean community and surrounding areas.  The activator will work to reduce isolation amongst vulnerable groups as well as improving the range of services, activities and opportunities available in the area.


Commenting on the funding success, the local MSP said:


“I am delighted to hear about Collydean Community Centre’s most recent success in securing funding for further development to the services they offer.


“Rose Duncan, the Centre Manager, is a real inspiration in local community and I know that hiring an additional full time member of staff will enable Rose and the team to work on furthering their crucial role within the local area.


“The Scottish Government is committed to reducing poverty and inequality across Scotland, and through grassroot initiatives like this we can create more cohesive and integrated communities.  I wish Rose and the team continued success in all of their endeavours.”


Rose Duncan, the Centre Manager at Collydean Community Centre, added:


We are delighted to receive further support from the Scottish Government through the Investing in Communities Fund to expand our work in tackling poverty and inequality in our local area. 


“Our Centre has been growing from strength to strength recently, and whilst this is hugely encouraging, it highlights the growing demand for people to access free or low-cost support and assistance to improve their lives.


“This funding will enable us to dedicate more time and resource to connecting with people and improving their circumstances and targeting support to exactly what they want – not what we think is best.  We are really excited about the wide-ranging opportunities that this funding will create.”




Photo attached: Jenny Gilruth MSP with Rose Duncan (Collydean Community Centre Manager) at Collydean Community Centre.

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