Published date : 22 Jul 2019

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, recently paid a visit to Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants and Residents Association (ADTRA) to present them with a Parliamentary motion celebrating their funding award from the National Lottery Community Fund Scotland.

The funding award of £111,682 will allow the group to increase the opening hours of the community flat in Auchmuty, Glenrothes from the current five-days a week to seven days, expand their support resources and take on more volunteers.

ADTRA estimate that the boost in funding will benefit 1,500 local people and secure the resources needed to involve 50 volunteers. 

Some of the services ADTRA hope to develop further with the award money include advice and support on tenancy issues, signposting to relevant agencies, and a weekend foodbank.

After presenting the motion to the team, Jenny Gilruth MSP commented:

“I warmly welcome this huge lottery funding award to Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants and Residents Association, an organisation which already provides vital support to the local community. I’m very familiar with the work that they do to help people in the Auchmuty area and I believe the success of this application is a reflection of the work done by the team.

“I am pleased to see that the community flat on Alexander Road will be opening seven days a week and that the dedicated team there will be expanding on their excellent work, providing friendly and familiar faces and assisting with tenancy issues as well as signposting people toward the agency best placed to help them.

“This is a fitting continuation of the work started by the late and much missed Davie Nelson who was instrumental in starting the Community Flat project and I am sure that the ADTRA team will continue to do Auchmuty and Glenrothes proud going forward.”   

Alex Thomson, Secretary of ADTRA, added:

“We at ADTRA were over the moon that Jenny thought of us and made a motion in parliament for us getting awarded the funding of £11100.00 from the community Lottery grants at the big lottery. We are using this money to buy a new mini bus and to fund a permanent worker funded for 3yrs.

“We will use this minibus to tackle isolation and loneliness for people in our area, we will work in conjunction with other groups in our area and make our vehicle available to them.

“Jenny is a fantastic asset to all the community she is on the ball and really cares about people. The work she does makes a big difference to people’s lives, we wish her well and know she will go far in the political field.”

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