Published date : 01 Mar 2019

Levenmouth MSPs, Jenny Gilruth & David Torrance, have welcome the opening of applications for the Local Rail Development Fund (LRDF).

It was announced that the fund is accepting new and renewed applications for a share of £1.3 million that will go towards development work for rail solutions to local transport issues, such as the Levenmouth Rail Campaign.

Commenting on the announcement, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

‘I am absolutely delighted to see the Scottish Government commit to fund community rail projects; this is a really welcome development for the Levenmouth Rail Campaign and the long-called for re-establishment of the rail link.

Following my members’ debate in the Scottish Parliament in 2017, there was a commitment from the Scottish Government to take concrete action on an options appraisal of the rail link. This funding is another welcome development for the line’s reinstatement; a new rail link will revitalise the communities I represent in Levenmouth by bringing opportunities to the next generation. Hopefully, this is something that all parties can welcome’.

David Torrance MSP said:

‘This announcement is an exciting prospect for the campaign. A successful application could be a substantial step forward for the project. It’s important to keep momentum going for the Levenmouth Rail Campaign to ensure it remains high on the agenda.

“The economic benefits of a re-established rail link would be substantial and I will continue to support and promote the importance of this project in any way I can’.

The fund was launched in February 2018 with £2 million allocated for community rail projects with £700k awarded to ten communities for development work for rail solutions. The remaining £1.3 million has been allocated for a second round of applications from community led initiatives.


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