Published date : 30 Nov 2020

Network Rail to consult on proposals for the £70 million project to reopen Levenmouth’s railway

Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has welcomed news that Network Rail will open its public consultation on various aspects of the Levenmouth rail link next week. 

The town’s MSP recently met with Network Rail officials for an update on where they have now reached in developing plans for the project to reconnect Leven to the mainline rail network, including the station locations at both Cameron Bridge and Leven. 

The new railway will be combined with improved bus services as well as cycling and walking infrastructure. 

The decision to reopen Leven’s railway was made after the constituency MSP’s members’ debate in September 2017 led to the Scottish Government instructing Peter Brett Associates to take forward vital appraisal work of the line. The appraisal concluded that these measures would enhance employment opportunities as well as access to education, health and leisure services.

Welcoming the opportunity for her constituents to have their say, Jenny Gilruth MSP said: 

“The Scottish Government’s investment to reopen Leven‘s rail link will deliver real and lasting transformational change for the people of Levenmouth. When I welcomed the Transport Secretary's announcement last August, I said that the people of Levenmouth will now expect action.

“Despite the significant impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on our way of life, I’m pleased that Network Rail and other partners have kept the momentum behind this important project. I’m delighted that local people, groups and organisations can now have their say on the proposals for their railway. 

"I will continue to engage with everyone involved in the project to ensure that Leven is re-connected to rail as soon as possible.”

Network Rail advised the local MSP in the summer that the rail link remains on track for completion in 2023.

A Network rail spokesperson said:

“We are making great progress on our proposals for the new line and look forward to being able to share them with the local community later this year.”


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