Published date : 18 Sep 2018

Jenny Gilruth MSP had urged Leven residents to attend a public consultation event this evening regarding the future of Glenrothes Hospital’s out of hours service.


Last month, Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership, the body with ultimate responsibility for any decision to close GP out of hours services, published a list of its proposed public consultation events following the move to introduce ‘emergency contingency measures’ back in April.


Jenny Gilruth MSP has been at the forefront of a campaign to persuade senior officials at Fife Health and Social Care Partnership to continue overnight emergency at Glenrothes Hospital.


Speaking ahead of the meeting Jenny Gilruth MSP said:


“It is crucial that members of community here in Leven take this opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the future of Glenrothes Hospital’s out of hours service and join the fight to ensure it stays open.  


“Local residents who rely on Glenrothes’ out of hours service have been taken aback by the proposed closure. There are serious concerns across the area regarding the real reasons behind the decision.


“I remain concerned that these retrospective public engagement events, organised by Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, have been compromised by the temporary closure of the service earlier this year.


“I look forward to seeing the outcome of these public consultation events and will continue to fight tooth and nail to ensure this vital service remains open.


The Public Consultation Event takes place Tuesday 18th September 2018 – The Centre, 1 Broomieknowe, Leven – 6.45pm to 8.30pm.




In 2013 Glenrothes Hospital’s out of hours service faced closure by the previous NHS Fife Board - a move which was eventually overturned.


Following the integration of Health and Social Care the decisions on the future out of hours services now ultimately rest with the members of Fife’s Integrated Joint Board.


GP numbers in Fife are higher in 2018 than they were comparatively in 2017.



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