Published date : 30 Jul 2018



Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, was delighted to meet with staff and volunteers at Glamis House care home recently.


The social care home, run by one of Scotland’s leading disability charities and social care providers, Leonard Cheshire, offers high quality care for up to six adults with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. 


Staff and volunteers at the care home provide extensive, person-centred activity programmes for residents to build independence, engagement and social capabilities during their stay.


As a leading social care provider in Scotland, operating 44 care homes nationwide, Leonard Cheshire are expanding their services across the Kingdom of Fife.


The organisation have recently launched their ‘Can Do’ programme in Fife, offering volunteering opportunities for young people with additional support needs. They are also expanding their Change 100 programme, working with Scottish businesses to offer paid internships for talented disabled students and graduates.


Commenting following her visit, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:


“It was great to meet with hardworking staff and volunteers at Leonard Cheshire’s social care service at Glamis House recently, to learn more about the vital services they provide for disabled adults across Fife. 


“It was hugely beneficial to gain a further understanding of the programmes that Service Manager, Isobel Thomson and her team, offer to individuals to help them move on to move independent living when they’re ready. 


“As Leonard Cheshire celebrates its 70th anniversary, I am pleased to see the charity remains an integral part of our local community here in Glenrothes”.  


Leonard Cheshire’s Director, Stuart Robertson, said:


“For 70 years we have delivered pioneering social care at the heart of communities in Fife. Now we are delighted to be expanding our volunteering and employment programmes across Fife and throughout Scotland. 


“We look forward to empowering even more people with disabilities, here in Fife, throughout Scotland and indeed across the world in the years to come.”




Notes: Attached picture of Service Manager, Isobel Thomson, Jenny Gilruth MSP & Public Affairs Officer, Andrew Ewen.


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