Jenny Gilruth to hold Pupil Advice Surgeries at every Glenrothes High School

Published date : 16 Apr 2018

Jenny Gilruth to hold Pupil Advice Surgeries at every Glenrothes High School


Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, is to hold a series of pupil advice surgeries at every high school in her Mid Fife & Glenrothes constituency.


The MSP will visit Glenrothes and Glenwood High Schools this coming Monday (23rd April 2018) as part of a pledge to show her commitment to the 2018, which has officially been designated the Year of Young people.


Commenting the MSP said:


“I think it’s really important that all politicians, irrespective of political party, take the time to listen to and represent the views of young people – who are the future of our country. 


“2018 is also the Year of Young People; I don’t think we can celebrate that without listening to your concerns and hopes for the future.


“I will be visiting every secondary school in my constituency to find out what issues our young people feel passionately about, what they think could be done to improve Glenrothes and what I can do to assist them as the town’s MSP’.


Pupils are being encouraged to book an appointment for the surgery through Jenny Gilruth’s Facebook page or by emailing


Jenny Gilruth will also be taking the opportunity to launch her Mentoring Programme with pupils, as the MSP seeks to support an aspiring young woman in Mid Fife and Glenrothes to achieve her goals and reach her full potential.


The scheme, that was first announced on International Women’s Day 2018, will see the successful candidate receive dedicated mentoring over a one-year period—as part of the MSP’s commitment to help create female leaders of the future.


The programme is open to young women aged 16 to 24 with applications closing on Friday 15th June 2018. Those interested are encouraged to visit Jenny’s Facebook page for more information and to pick up an application form.


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