Jenny Gilruth MSP's column in the Glenrothes Gazette and East Fife Mail - 2/11/20 - 6/11/20

Published date : 11 Nov 2020

With the clocks turning back and the nights fast drawing in, the celebration of Halloween always reminds me that Winter is back once again. I know that for many the darkness and temperature can trigger feelings of isolation. This year more than most has taken its toll on everyone’s mental health and it’s important to remember that; this is one of the reasons the First Minister often mentions kindness in her daily briefings. Never before have we needed that ability to show compassion to others.


Halloween was always a cause for great celebration when I was younger. My friends and I would trudge around the doors in Ceres and be rewarded with satsumas and peanuts, after we had performed a party piece. I’m know that children across Fife would have been disappointed that they could not go guising this year; this was not an easy decision for the Government to make. But given the contagious nature of the virus it was essential.


Lots of houses in the constituency took their own unique approach to celebrating Halloween. In Leven Vicki Bell and Greg Williams put smiles on faces with their spooky Halloween haunted house and garden decorations. In Markinch Craig Thomson arrange a pumpkin hunt around the village. I’d like to thank those like Craig, Vicki and Greg, who went to extra mile to help celebrate our alternative Halloween this year.


Whilst adapting alternative celebrations and sticking to the guidelines is tough for us all, what’s keeping me going is the knowledge that following the guidance can go a huge way in ensuring the safety of our nation in the coming months. And as the weather changes I would also like to take this opportunity to remind Fifers of the changes to Scottish Government Coronavirus restrictions.


As of Monday the 2nd of November, Scotland entered a five-level plan to live alongside the virus, with Fife being allocated at tier 2. Tier 2, which is broadly comparable to the restrictions we have been under for the past few weeks, will be reviewed on a weekly basis and any changes will be confirmed on Tuesdays.


On Saturday past the Prime Minister announced that England is set to go back into lockdown on Thursday. Our friends across Europe have seen first-hand the devastation that can be caused by a second wave – with France and Germany confirming full nationwide lockdowns last week. The situation in Europe should act as a stark reminder that this virus will take every opportunity to spread, and that we must act individually and collectively to protect and build on the progress we have already made.


Throughout the pandemic, my work as a constituency MSP continues and I am here to help you should you find yourself in need of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact my office on 01592 764 815 or email should you feel as though I could provide any support to you during this time.

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