Jenny Gilruth MSP Welcomes Transport Survey for Levenmouth

Published date : 21 Jun 2018


People living or working in the Levenmouth area have been asked to provide their views on how transport link could be improved. The online survey, carried out by Transport Scotland, builds on recent meetings with elected members, businesses Stagecoach and Network Rail as part of the Levenmouth Sustainable Transport Study. The Scottish Government committed to taking this work forward following Jenny Gilruth’s Members Debate on re-establishing the Levenmouth Rail link last September.

Commenting, Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP said:

“Transport Scotland is working closely with stakeholders, including Fife Council to progress this study of potential transport improvements in the Levenmouth area. As part of that work, we want to hear the views of the public and we are asking anyone with an interest in improving transport in this part of Fife to complete the online survey. The comments received as part of this engagement will inform the final report which is expected later this year.”

Local MSPs who have been working closely with the campaign are also encouraging constituents to participate in this survey –

Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

“Levenmouth is the largest urban area with no rail link. We recently lost our direct Glasgow bus link. The need for greater connectivity has never been clearer. I’m encouraging folk to get involved in the survey, people living and working in the area would demonstrate the level of support that exists, not only for the rail link, but for future investment in Levenmouth to help deliver much needed growth.”

David Torrance MSP for Kirkcaldy added:

“I welcome this engagement with the local community and would urge everyone to take part to ensure their voice is heard. This is an important opportunity to promote the case for the Levenmouth Rail Link that shouldn’t be missed. The results of the survey will play an important role in the decisions that are taken regarding future transport investment in Levenmouth; investment which would help expand access to employment, increase tourism and improve day to day living for everyone in the Levenmouth area.”

The survey can be found here –

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