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Publised date : 26 Apr 2017


The SNP Government will continue to invest in vital infrastructure across Tayside, Perthshire and Fife – helping to boost the local economy and protect the area from the brutal cuts being imposed by the austerity obsessed, far-right Tory party.

The Scottish Government has a strong record of investing in Fife, with £45.3 million on the new Levenmouth Academy in Buckhaven, the roll out of superfast broadband with £400 million of spending, tens of thousands on new affordable homes, ongoing work and spending on the £1.35 billion Queensferry Crossing, £4.5 million of spending on the new Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit at Stratheden Hospital, £10 million to support the construction of the biomass energy centre at the University of St Andrews and £86 million for the new Fife College campus in Dunfermline.

Investment across the East of Scotland would be significantly higher if the Tory government matched the SNP’s commitment to the area – but their record of swingeing public sector cuts and refusal to invest in the local economy is acting as a drain on potential growth.

Commenting, Mid Fife & Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth said:

“I am proud that infrastructure projects which were delayed under previous governments, like the new Queensferry Crossing, are finally becoming a reality under the SNP. These projects will bring lasting benefits for people across the Mid Fife & Glenrothes constituency for years to come.

“The SNP is committed to investing in local economies across Fife, and this commitment will continue in the years to come in the face of further Tory austerity and public service cuts.

“The choice facing voters across the East of Scotland in both May and June is absolutely clear. Do they want to elect a strong team of SNP representatives that will always stand up to the Tories, stand up for the interests of their communities and have a track record of delivering vital infrastructure projects such as the Queensferry Crossing, new schools, thousands of new affordable homes and additional spending on our NHS?

“Or do they want to allow the Tories to continue their austerity obsessions: cutting our vital public services such as education, health and social care; slashing investment in vital infrastructure projects; ignoring the need for new affordable housing and transport improvements, silent on the disgusting and inhumane rape clause and are utterly desperate to pile misery on the most vulnerable in our society?

“Only the SNP can be trusted to stand up to the cruelty of the Tories and champion the interests of communities across Fife.”




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