Published date : 14 Dec 2017

On Tuesday 12th December, Chief Executive of Bield Housing and Care, Brian Logan, gave evidence to the Health and Sport Committee at the Scottish Parliament as part of an inquiry into Care Home Sustainability.


Brian Logan’s appearance at the committee followed the announcement in October that Bield plan to close twelve care homes across Scotland affecting 1561 residents and 208 employees.


Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, questioned Bield Chief Executive, Brian Logan and Fiona McKay from Fife Health and Social Care Partnership over the possible closure of Finavon Court in Glenrothes.


Seeking assurances for the future of Finnavon Court and its 24 residents, local MSP Jenny Gilruth asked for clarity from Fife HSCP and Bield Care Homes regarding the possibility of a buyer for the home.


The Bield Care Homes executive confirmed they were in “advanced negotiations” with Kingdom Homes regarding the transfer of Finavon Court. An offer has been received for the Care Home, and while Bield are currently going through a standard due diligence process, it is hoped the deal will be finalised as soon as possible.


Kingdom Homes are a long standing local care provider, who currently run 10 homes throughout Fife. During evidence to the Health and Sport Committee, Fiona McKay of Fife Health and Social Care Partnership indicated that in the past Kingdom Homes have expanded and refurbished their premises, and is hopeful such investment could be replicated at Finavon Court.


Commenting, Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth, said:


“I am delighted that an offer has been made by Kingdom Homes, with the aim of securing the future of Finavon Court for its 24 residents and 25 members of staff.


“I hope the deal between the current service provider, Bield Care Homes and local outfit Kingdom Homes is finalised as soon as possible to secure this positive outcome.  


“Kingdom Homes will have opportunity to invest in the refurbishment and expansion of Finavon Court: I would welcome any project that improved facilities while opening the door to allow for more residents.”


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