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Publised date : 07 Dec 2017


Jenny Gilruth MSP raised the closure of Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre’s waiting list directly with First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, at First Minister’s Questions today (Thursday). Gilruth described the service as a ‘vital life-line’ to victims of sexual violence. The organisation are facing budgetary pressures due to proposed savings cuts by Fife Council. The MSP asked the First Minister if she agreed that the authority needed to prioritise maintaining funding to the service. The First Minister responded:


‘Yes, I would certainly hope that is the case. I’m happy to also ask the Justice Secretary to look into this and to see whether there is more that the Scottish Government is able to do. Services like this are absolutely vital in protecting the most vulnerable women and children in our country and I hope all of us – whatever political disagreements we might have across this chamber – could come together and support the work that organisations like the Fife Rape and Sexual Assault centre do for the benefit of Scotland’.


Commenting after Thursday’s First Minister’s Questions, Jenny Gilruth said:


‘I am glad the First Minister has committed the Scottish Government to investigate how it may be able to support the work of the Fife Rape and Sexual Violence centre. It is important that all levels of Government appreciate and understand just how vital this work is – I have subsequently written to Fife Council to seek this assurance. At Christmas time, we know rates of domestic violence – including rape and sexual assault – increase. It is therefore absolutely imperative that the Fife Rape and Sexual Violence Centre have their funding secured and agreed as soon as possible’.


The news that the centre is to close its waiting list falls on day 13 of the United Nation’s 16 day campaign to end gender based violence.




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