Published date : 15 Jul 2016

New MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes, Jenny Gilruth, was delighted to attend the end of term Awards Ceremony at Glenrothes High School recently, where she presented a trophy and met with one of her own former teachers, Mrs McNeill, who is now the school Rector. Ms Gilruth previously praised Mrs McNeill in her first speech in Holyrood as an inspirational teacher when she taught her at school in Fife.

On the same day Jenny Gilruth raised the issue of access to further education at the final First Minister’s Question time before parliamentary recess – asking what steps the Scottish Government would take to ensure school leavers gain a positive destination via further training or employment.   Ms Gilruth praised the partnership working between Glenrothes High School and St Andrews University under the First Chances and the Reach Projects, which are supporting 23 pupils from S3 to S5 this year alone.

Questioning the FM Jenny stated  -

“(The projects) are encouraging ambition, aspiration and achievement. Indeed, last year alone, 8 pupils from Glenrothes High School went on to study at St Andrews.”

Responding to the Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Nicola Sturgeon agreed that strong partnerships with higher education institutions are essential and should be used as a mechanism to support the Government’s ambitions to close the attainment gap.  She undertook to continue to work with Universities nationally to ensure that they commit themselves fully to the recommendations put forward by the Commission on Widening Access.

Rector Avril McNeill said –

 “Glenrothes High School’s vision is aspiring to excellence and improving life chances for all.  Therefore we are delighted by our strong partnership working between Glenrothes High School and St Andrews University.  This allows our young people the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to be successful higher education graduations”.

Pictured here with Head Teacher Avril McNeill and S6 Head Girl Abbie Sim.  Abbie is applying to St Andrews University to study.


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