Published date : 27 Jul 2018

Glenrothes YMCA’s Summer Fête was opened this week (Thursday 26th July) by the town’s MSP, Jenny Gilruth, in celebration of ‘The Year of Young People’.


The fête was a huge success with a host of fun activities for youngsters, including face painting, a bouncy castle, BBQ food and candy-floss.


The occasion also gave staff and volunteers at Glenrothes YMCA the opportunity to engage with residents on a range of issues, including opening access to the group’s community garden.


Commenting Jenny Gilruth MSP, said:


“I was honoured to open Glenrothes YMCA’s summer fête this week, as we celebrated Scotland’s Year of the Young People.


“Staff and volunteers at Glenrothes YMCA should be immensely proud of the success of the event, with youngsters from across the area joining in on the fun and taking a leading role in organisation.


“During this year of celebration it is crucial that community groups, such as Glenrothes YMCA, work alongside our young people to ensure they have access to the services they require, now and in the future.


“I know the YMCA does incredible work throughout the town and I am absolutely delighted that they are working to empower young people in Glenrothes. My thanks to Mary and all the team at the Y.”


Mary Hill, Chief Executive said:


“YMCA Glenrothes has been at the heart of the Glenrothes community for the past 60 years, supporting those in need and putting young people and families first. 


“We look forward to consulting with Auchmuty folk around opening access to the YMCA community garden and will continue to welcome local people’s ideas to help shape the services we provide for the next 60 years!


“Congratulations to our YMCA young people and everyone who supports them for making Thursday 26th July such a great success!”

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