Published date : 02 Nov 2018

MSP for the Mid Fife and Glenrothes Constituency, Jenny Gilruth, this week marked Outdoor Classroom Day 2018 during a debate in the Scottish Parliament.


Ms Gilruth was pleased to highlight the positive work of local schools South Parks Primary & Thornton Primary during the debate.


Thornton Primary marked Outdoor Classroom Day (1st November) with an action packing community learning day. Pupils were joined at the event by their parents, grand-parents and siblings as teachers held interactive outdoor lessons on numeracy, science, archaeology and art.


Thornton Primary Headteacher, Mrs Irene Johnson said:


“Outdoor Classroom Day allows the chance to help children learn about their environment by teaching them about seasonal changes. It’s also important for road safety, now that it is getting darker earlier. It allows children the chance to learn about something different to a classroom environment, which is beneficial for those who get restless and—dare I say it?—bored in indoor lessons.”


Pupils at South Parks Primary School were also enjoying the great outdoors this week as they joined Jenny Gilruth MSP for a litter pick in Riverside Park, Glenrothes. The litter pick was a huge success with the group collecting 12 bags of rubbish in their efforts to keep the town’s park clean. 


The MSP said:


“I thank the teachers in my constituency who are making a difference every day. Outdoor classroom day deserves to be celebrated in the Parliament; so, too, do the professionals who ensure that there is outdoor learning in our schools.


“I commend Irene Johnson and the team at Thornton primary school for all their work on ensuring that outdoor classroom day is as meaningful as possible for pupils. We need hard-working teachers such as Irene to make educational opportunities such as outdoor classroom day work.




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