Jenny Gilruth Invites Collydean Competition Winners to Scottish Parliament

Published date : 14 May 2018

Jenny Gilruth Invites Collydean Competition Winners to Scottish Parliament


Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth was delighted to visit Collydean Primary School this morning to judge the winners of the school’s birthday card competition.


Pupils at Collydean have been exploring their town’s history and have taken part in part in a competition to design a birthday card to mark Glenrothes’ 70th anniversary this year.


Ms Gilruth shortlisted 7 winners (pictured in attached) who have now been invited to the Scottish Parliament next month to attend an event celebrating Glenrothes’ 70th anniversary, organised by the MSP.


Jenny Gilruth commented:


“I was hugely impressed by the talented pupils at Collydean Primary School. There was a great selection of brilliant artwork on display and every pupil who took part should be immensely proud of themselves.


“The work of the seven competition winners really stood out however and I will be delighted to welcome the pupils, and Headteacher Ms Leishman, to the Scottish Parliament next month as we celebrate Glenrothes’ 70th birthday.


“ I have been hard at work to ensure that our town’s anniversary is celebrated fittingly, so it is great to see local schools also marking the occasion, ensuring our young people at the forefront of the celebrations.


Headteacher, Ms Rhona Leishman commented:


“It was a great pleasure to welcome Jenny to Collydean Primary last week.


“The standard of work from the pupils was really great and Gilruth had her work cut out to select a winner from each of the Primary classes.


“I would also like to thank the Parent Council who kindly donated a gift to be presented to the overall winner.


“We look forward to our trip to the Scottish Parliament in June!”.




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