Jenny Gilruth Hails Huge Success of Local Disability Football Festival

Published date : 12 Apr 2018

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, was delighted to support local football outfit, Glenrothes Strollers FC, this Sunday as the club hosted their first pan disability football festival.


The MSP met with club officials and local football stalwart, Joe McCafferty, at the festival that brought together 120 young people from across Scotland to compete in the tournament.


The Strollers have been working in partnership with the SFA over the last three years, moulding the landscape of disability football in Tayside and Fife to establish 10 centres for allow people to access the sport. The club picked up the 2017 SFA Community Award in recognition of its efforts.


The outfit also offer players opportunities beyond football, through its employment programme, which aims to develop a variety of work-based skills.


Ms Gilruth said:


“It was brilliant to get along on Sunday to the Strollers’ first of six pan disability events they will be hosting this year.


“I took the opportunity to speak with staff and players involved with the club, and the determination to drive forward inclusion across Scottish football is second to none.


“The festival brought together over 120 young players with a range of disabilities, but it is clear to see the challenges they face are irrelevant when they are out on the pitch, taking part in mainstream sport.



John Buchanan, Chairperson of the club, added:


“We are very proud of our own pan disability football group and also very proud of our achievements in helping to establish and grow disability football groups all over the East of Scotland.


“There were over 120 young people from all over Scotland, having an amazing day of fun, friendship and fitness, all achieved through football -.


“It was great to see our local MSP there on Sunday supporting the event in her local community - the support of our elected officials is key to helping our charity continue to progress in the services it can deliver.”



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