Published date : 03 Aug 2018


Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth has marked the 60th anniversary of the town's YMCA in the Scottish Parliament this week.

The MSP has lodged a motion in Parliament celebrating the milestone (a copy is noted below).


The organisation continues to offer a host of vital services for the community including managing homeless accommodation (since 1992). In early 2017 Glenrothes YMCA secured funding from the Big Lottery to support the delivery of the ‘Y Academy’. 


The long term goal of the Y Academy is to increase stability for individuals affected by homelessness and to help people maintain their future tenancies.


Commenting ahead of the anniversary, Jenny Gilruth MSP said: 


“The YMCA was the first charity of its kind to offer shelter and support for vulnerable young homeless people in my constituency. Today Glenrothes YMCA provides temporary accommodation for up to 59 people each night in hostels and shared flats across Glenrothes and the surrounding areas. I like to congratulate all of Glenrothes YMCA’s staff on this significant milestone and for all that they do to support some of Fife’s most vulnerable folk’. 


Ms Gilruth recently opened the organisation's Summer Fête, which celebrated Scotland's Year of Young People.



Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates the YMCA in Glenrothes on turning 60 on 3 August 2018; commends the team’s excellent work across the town throughout the last six decades, supporting young people, vulnerable people facing homelessness and the community as a whole; understands that the Wash based in Warout continues to provide an invaluable community space and accommodation for men, in addition to the Farmhouse in South Parks, which supports women; notes that the YMCA is one of the largest voluntary organisations in Glenrothes, and wishes the team continued success in the years to come.


photograph of Jenny Gilruth MSP with Mary Hill, Chief Executive of YMCA Glenrothes plus support workers. 

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