Published date : 06 Nov 2019

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, recently met with former Glenrothes High School pupil, Neve Stewart, who is passionate about supporting good mental health and has launched a new project called ‘Mental Health Distraction Boxes’.


Neve’s Mental Health Distraction Boxes contain items to distract those who might be struggling with their mental health from thinking about their feelings.

Neve has recently started a JustGiving page so that she has the funding to be able to circulate the boxes to various schools and organisations across the Mid Fife and Glenrothes region(1). She has so far received over £250 worth of donations and has also received contributions for the boxes from Zuru and gift vouchers from supermarkets. Glenrothes High School have already taken five of the newly made boxes.


Speaking about the Mental Health Boxes, Jenny Gilruth MSP commented:


“It was great to hear about the work Neve is doing with these Mental Health Boxes. Neve is doing a power of good with this new project and her energy and passion for the subject will are a real inspiration”.


Neve Stewart said:


‘‘I first came across Mental Health Distraction Boxes when I was in hospital and they helped me massively.


‘‘I decided that this was a resource that could be of great use for people in schools and different organisations to help with their mental health as the boxes are great for keeping your mind occupied.


‘‘I am delighted that my former school, Glenrothes High School have decided to take 5 of the boxes. I thank everyone who has donated to my Just Giving page and the organisations who have donated items for me to fill these boxes with. These donations will enable me to create more boxes and therefore help more people.’’ 


For more information on the Mental Health Distraction Boxes, visit the twitter page:






  1. Neve’s JustGiving page can be accessed at:
  2. Photo attached shows Jenny Gilruth MSP and Neve Stewart holding one of the Mental Health Distraction Boxes
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