Glenrothes MSP welcomes opening of new drive-through COVID testing centre.

Published date : 05 Mar 2021

Jenny Gilruth MSP welcomes new drive-through COVID testing centre in Glenrothes.

 Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth has welcomed the opening of a new drive-through testing centre at  Blackwood Drive in Glenrothes. The launch of this centre brings the total number of regional test sites in Scotland to 8. Each regional test site has a daily capacity of 1500 tests.

 Commenting on the opening in her constituency, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

“Containing and suppressing this virus relies on testing being accessible to everyone. The drive through testing centre in Glenrothes is the 8th regional test site across Scotland and will further increase our testing capacity ahead of potential spikes as we move through winter.

“We’re at a critical point in the pandemic so it’s welcome news that this centre can be used to help the Scottish Government manage its response in the weeks and months ahead. I’m grateful to all of my constituents for sticking to the rules and staying at home as much as possible to protect the NHS and save lives.”

Minister of Public Health and Sport Mairi Gougeon MSP added:

 “We are working at pace with NHS National Services Scotland and local authorities to roll out more across the country so that more people have access to local testing.

 “We will continue to adapt our testing strategy in line with the different stages of the pandemic. To protect ourselves and others, it’s vital that people continue to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces, avoid crowded places, clean hands and surfaces regularly, follow two metre physical distancing advice, and self-isolate and book a test – if you have symptoms.”


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