Published date : 18 Mar 2019


Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, today (Monday, 18th March) paid a visit to Cadham Pharmacy to meet with local pharmacist practitioner, Bernadette Brown. 


The asthma pilot is an NHS Fife initiative. Every day in the UK three people die from Asthma - two out of three of those deaths are preventable. For the past two years Cadham Pharmacy has provided an asthma clinic, funded by the Scottish Government. 


Commenting, Pharmacist practitioner Bernadette Brown said: 


“I am hoping that we can find new ways to educate people on how we can week together in saving lives in Asthma. Simple things they can do that can transform their risk of having a fatal asthma attack and that all the family know what to do in an emergency. 


Breathing Right is crucial and knowing WHY they must take their life saving preventer inhalers every day even when they feel fine is part of the education and we have shown with our NHS Asthma pilot that teenagers and adults still need and value the support we have given them empowering them to take back control of their asthma.” 


Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth, said: 


‘It was a privilege to meet with Bernie this afternoon, to learn more about the importance of asthma education. Across Scotland today 380,000 people have asthma - and that includes 72,000 children. Whilst asthma is a condition which affects many individuals and families, it is of vital importance that young people know how to treat the condition. 


I learned a great deal from my visit to Cadham Pharmacy today and I’m very supportive of a Bernadette’s plans to encourage a greater understanding of asthma in our schools. This is of particular importance because we have higher than average levels of asthma in Fife than across the rest of Scotland. 


I’d like to commend all the team at Cadham Pharmacy for their commitment to patient centred-care in the heart of the community.’


In the past year, Cadham Pharmacy has won five awards; two Scottish Pharmacy awards in 2018, two Scottish Pharmacist awards in 2019, and the Corporate LiveWire global award for Asthma Clinic of the year 2018.


The local pharmacy was also praised for its commitment to move beyond clinic provision, linking with technology developments such as online bookings and robotics. 



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