Published date : 03 Apr 2020

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has pledged support for Ember Ltd’s ‘YooToo’ – an app that helps with coordination of tasks in light of self-isolation.


Ember Ltd, a Glenrothes based organisation, hopes that YooToo will help to ease pressure on those who want to help make a loved one’s self-isolation as straight forward as possible.


YooToo helps to ensure that essentials tasks, such as food shopping and prescription collection, are covered and in one convenient app.


The app also helps to ensure that the right medicine is taken in the right dosage at the right time, as well as recording and escalating missed medication incidents when they occur.


For those that need to go into hospital, YooToo’s Hospital Discharge wizard helps to create a period of more intensive support to aide recovery.


Due to the unprecedented circumstances and the increased need for community and family support, the app is being made free using the code COVID19.


The local MSP commented:

“I am grateful to the team at YooToo for their part in working to mitigate the worst effects of the Coronavirus.

“This app has the potential to ease the pressure on families going through such stressful and unprecedented times.

“The government’s advice on self-isolating will be difficult for many, but apps like YooToo can help to make self-isolation and the delivery of groceries and prescriptions easier.”


Joe Henry, Director at Ember Technology, added:

“The team at YooToo want to thank our local MSP, Jenny Gilruth, for her support during such difficult times.

“We all know that this situation will only resolve itself with everybody pulling together. We want to do our bit to help, so we have made YooToo free during the pandemic.

“Hopefully, the grip of Coronavirus will soon be over, but should your family and trusted friends need to rally around, then YooToo is there to ease the pressure on those who want to help make a loved one’s self-isolation as straightforward as possible.”



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