Published date : 13 Sep 2019

Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth today (13/09/19) visited local Warout Primary School to learn more about the success of the ‘Warout Warriors’.


Over the past year, several pupils from the primary school built and designed an electric car, with hopes of entering the Fife Goblins Racewall 2019 event.


The Fife Goblins Racewall event, which took place in June 2019, saw the Warout Warriors winning two trophies: one for the ‘Best Presented Team’ and one for the ‘Best Portfolio’.


The school engaged in the project with the Greenpower Education Trust, as part of developing their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) programme.


Reflecting on the unique learning process of the project, former teacher Jenny Gilruth MSP said:


“I was delighted to be able to visit Warout Primary School in my constituency today to meet with the award-winning Warout Warrior group.


“As a former teacher myself, I could see how passionate all of the children involved were about this unique learning opportunity.


“The Scottish Government’s commitment to equip all children with STEM skills will enable them to thrive and adapt going forward into the fast-paced and everchanging world. 


“Projects such as this one equip pupils with the varied skills, knowledge and capability that they will need for the future, and I want to extend my warmest praise to everyone involved in the Warout Warrior success.”


Hazel McLure, the teacher that led the programme, added:


“One of the main areas for me though would be linked to Developing the Young Workforce in teaching our young people through this experience in developing skills for real life and work. 


“We had to use many DYW skills that include organisation, leadership, communication, responsibility, creativity and resilience. 


“In our experience developing perseverance and resilience were key in encouraging the children that hard work and effort pays off in the long run.”



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