Published date : 27 Apr 2020

Jenny praises Collydean Community Centre’s manager, Rose Duncan, as laptops and smart phones are provided to Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project (KASP)
Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has facilitated contact between Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project (KASP) and Collydean Community Centre this week to help secure laptops and smartphones for their counsellors, peer support workers and volunteers as they work from home during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.
The local MSP has been keeping in regular contact with Collydean Community Centre’s manager, Rose Duncan, during the pandemic and was aware that the Centre had secured Scottish Government funding and equipment that could be used to support grass roots organisations and charities.
A telephone conversation followed between KASP’s CEO, Joy Patrick, and Rose who was able to offer the charity three laptops and two smartphones with three months’ free phone calls included – an outcome which Ms Patrick described a “fantastic result”.
Rose had received funding from the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund to connect and coordinate activity in other areas, such as digital connectivity, which could help meet KASP’s needs.
KASP provide vital counselling, health and wellbeing services to adults survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and they have been operating in Fife for 25 years. KASP is a small organisation which exceeds expected capacity in reaching out to survivors and their families.
Due to the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse, these services provide life-saving support. KASP are adapting their services during the coronavirus outbreak and are now supporting a further isolated community by transferring their services to online support. 

Jenny Gilruth MSP said:
“I am indebted to Rose Duncan at Collydean Community Centre for all the work she is doing in the local community and now for helping Fife-wide charity, KASP, to continue their services during the coronavirus outbreak.
“KASP are providing lifeline support for vulnerable groups of people in Fife, including survivors of the most horrific abuse, and I am pleased to have helped give a boost to their efforts to adapt services during these difficult times.
“I encourage any of my constituents in Mid Fife and Glenrothes who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and are feeling vulnerable or need support to get in touch with KASP.”

Joy Patrick, CEO of KASP, said:
“I would like to thank Jenny Gilruth MSP and Rose Duncan at the Collydean Community Centre for helping our charity as we look to ensure a continuation of our services for the people we help. The laptops and smartphones that Rose has provided will help our team of counsellors, peer support workers and volunteers enormously in the coming weeks.”
Rose Duncan, Centre Manager at Collydean Community Centre, said:
“The services that KASP provide will be needed now more than ever so I am pleased to have been able to assist them. I hope anyone here in Collydean and across Fife who has experienced childhood sexual abuse can continue to make use of KASP’s help.”
Learn more about KASP’s services, which include counselling, mental health, domestic abuse, befriending and a young people’s service, and get in touch online at, by email to or by calling 01592 644217.


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