Published date : 29 Nov 2019
Jenny Gilruth MSP calls on community and local businesses to help families in need this Christmas
Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP has today, Friday 29 November, given her support to the Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants’ & Residents’ Association (ADTRA) Christmas Appeal and is calling on local people and businesses to respond to their call for donations of toys and clothing.
ADTRA’s Christmas Appeal 2019 is looking for donations of toys, selection boxes, sweets and vouchers to help ensure every child in Glenrothes has a parcel to open this Christmas.
They are also appealing for winter clothing donations, including coats and shoes for children of all ages, as the winter weather sets in.
Last year, ADTRA’s Christmas appeal helped more than 150 families living throughout the town.
During a visit to ADTRA, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:
“The festive season should be a time for special family celebrations. For many parents, though, it means extra pressure on household budgets and becomes a matter of dread and personal deprivation. It is heart-warming to know that community groups, like ADTRA here in Glenrothes, are trying to help parents keep it special for their children.
“All of the evidence, from reports of increased food bank use to more Fife families struggling as a result of Universal Credit, points to greater reliance on help from ADTRA than ever before. That’s why I am supporting the appeal and calling on local folk and businesses to donate what they can this Christmas.”

Donna Hancock, Treasurer at ADTRA, said:
“Our appeal started last year after two families got in touch with us looking for support. By Christmas we had provided gifts for more than 150 families. That’s at least 150 extra smiles on faces on Christmas day and we couldn’t have achieved it without donations from the community.
“Both poor and middle-income parents tell us that their Christmas finances are in worse state than they were last year. We have already received a number of calls for help not just with presents but for winter essentials such as waterproof coats and shoes.
“So we are appealing for your support again and are so pleased to have Jenny’s support as our local MSP to help boost the reach of our appeal.
“We are also launching our home starter packs today made possible by our successful application for £5,000 to Fife Council Universal Challenge initiative. The funding is also for starter baby packs which will complement the Scottish Government's baby box with the addition of more baby clothes, toiletries, nappies etc.”
Collection boxes are already in place in the following locations: ADTRA flat on 107 Alexander Road, Lomond Centre, Auchmuty Adult Learning Centre, Coop Funeral Parlour, Glenrothes Men’s Shed, Warout Primary School, and Jenny Gilruth MSP’s constituency office on 12 Commercial Street, Markinch
Amongst local businesses pledging support is Kingdom FM whose staff plan to donate to the appeal. Jenny’s constituency office team have also decided to donate to the appeal instead of exchanging ‘Secret Santa’ gifts.
ADTRA are calling for donations to be made by Saturday 21 December.
Donations should be made unwrapped to help organisers to determine the age appropriateness of gifts.
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