Published date : 23 Aug 2019

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has today (23rd August) taken part in the "Give a day to policing" scheme that allows Members of the Scottish Parliament a first-hand look at policing in their local area. The day featured an intensive itinerary which allowed Jenny to experience the different aspects of work being done by police in the constituency.

There was a packed itinerary which included meeting senior officers, attending the daily morning briefing, touring the police HQ in Glenrothes, visiting the custody suites and talking to different policing teams including those dealing with community engagement, incident response and domestic violence. 

Jenny commented:

"I would like to thank all of the police officers today who allowed me to come along and talk to them about the work they do to keep people safe in my constituency. I know that the police sometimes come in for criticism from members of the public but they are dedicated professionals who do a difficult and, at times very challenging job and it is very much appreciated.

"It was good to get to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes on and it definitely gave me a much deeper understanding of the breadth of tasks undertaken by police in the local area."


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