Published date : 25 Mar 2020

Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth, has commended the work of Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre and their enhanced role during the COVID-19 outbreak.


In recent years, the multi-award winning local pharmacy has been praised for its commitment to move beyond clinic provision, linking with technological developments such as online bookings and robotics.


The Scottish Government has accelerated plans to expand access to Emergency Care Summary (ECS) data, which mainly contains medication information, to pharmacists.


Health Boards have been asked to provide access to this information to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in communities.


Commenting, the Glenrothes MSP said:


“I am indebted to the wonderful work that Berni and the team at Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre are doing for the local area during such unprecedented times.


“Community pharmacies are doing vital work up and down the country and are helping to reduce the burden across the NHS whilst assisting patients locally.


“The strengthened roles of pharmacists during this pandemic highlights how valuable a resource community pharmacies are to local areas and to NHS Scotland and I want to thank all of those involved in providing such a crucial part of healthcare.”


Commenting on the recently enhanced role of the pharmacy, lead Pharmacist Bernadette Brown said:


“We have huge increased workloads and many more demands for delivery and people and families genuinely worried about leaving their homes even for essential medicines supply. 


“The supply of medicines is crucial. We will be pivotal in supporting our communities in staying out of hospital with keeping the supply of their long-term medicines as well as minor illness supplies and treatments and advice. 


“I am so grateful for my team. These are dedicated front-line NHS workers, who risk their lives every day in a patient facing role to support our communities.”



Notes to editors:

·         Scottish Government release on community pharmacies -

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