Published date : 28 Sep 2020

Discussions sought with Co-op, SPAR and Greens on future of Post Office franchise in Cadham, Pitteuchar and Markinch


Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth MSP, has written to company executives at the Co-op, SPAR, and Greens seeking early discussions about the future of Post Office services in the town.


The town’s MSP wrote to Post Office bosses following announcements earlier this month that Post Office in Cadham and Pitteuchar would temporarily close as a result of RS McColl’s store closures. Ms Gilruth has held talks with Post Office Limited representatives after writing to company’s Chief Executive, Nick Read.


Following the talks, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:


“I have been clear with the Post Office that I will do all I can to support the reinstatement of their services as quickly as possible for my constituents.


“I understand that the Post Offices in Cadham, Pitteuchar and Markinch were all profitable, so I hope local stores will step up and take on the franchise in order to safeguard services for their communities. I have requested early talks with the Co-op in relation to Cadham, SPAR in relation to Pitteuchar, and with Greens in Markinch to encourage them to do just that.


“I was reassured, in the meantime, that the Post Office’s mobile service is being looked at as a stopgap option, but the reality is that our local communities need a permanent, instore solution.


“It is no coincidence that our local Post Office services face such an uncertain future following the Westminster Tory government’s decisions to privatise the Royal Mail and cut subsidies for the post offices by £160 million.


“The current subsidy arrangement for post offices comes to an end in six months’ time. The Westminster government needs to commit to extending the payment in its upcoming Spending Review or there is a risk that local services could be lost for good.”



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