Published date : 19 Jan 2018

Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth has secured a visit by the Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP to the A92. The meeting comes on the back of mounting pressure on the Transport Minister, who committed to visit the road last March at a previous meeting Jenny Gilruth MSP hosted on behalf of North Glenrothes Community Council in Holyrood.


The Glenrothes MSP commented: “I look forward to welcoming the Minister to my constituency ‪on 27th of February. North Glenrothes Community Council should be rightly commended for keeping road safety on the A92 in the public eye. Just before Christmas I took part in ‘walking the 5 hazards’ along with the Community Council. As someone who uses that road regularly I know all too well of the dangers on that section of the A92. I am delighted the Transport Minister is now set to visit next month; it’s important he witnesses these issues at first hand. I am sure the Minister will have his own views which will be discussed at length during the visit with local members of the community”.


North Glenrothes Community Council Chairperson Ron Page added: “We are delighted at long last to hear that the Minister has agreed to a site visit to see for himself the issues faced at the 5 hazards on the A92. “



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