Published date : 06 Jul 2018



Leven MSP Jenny Gilruth has this week secured a commitment from BT Openreach that residents in the Castlefluerie area will receive a fibre broadband upgrade within 12 months.


Housing developer, Muir Homes, have confirmed plans to work alongside Openreach and upgrade the broadband cabinet that serves nearby residents.


A local resident in the Castlefleurie Estate Mr Maciej Dokurno reacted to the news “we are grateful for our MSPs involvement and quick response, support and efforts to help solve this issue for the local residents and are delighted with the positive outcome she was able to achieve through talks with the developer and BT Openreach.”  


The commitment comes on the back of a successful broadband advice surgery for homeowners in the Leven area, organised by the MSP.


The drop-in surgery proved hugely popular with local residents, as officials from the Scottish Government’s DSSB programme offered one-on-one advice regarding the commitment to expand superfast broadband to 100% of properties by 2021.


Commenting, Ms Gilruth said:


“I am delighted to have secured a commitment from Openreach that fibre broadband will finally be available for residents in the Castlefleurie area within the next 12 months.


“A number of my constituents from the area have been in touch with my office regarding their poor broadband speed. It was great to see a number of those residents at my drop-in broadband surgery in Leven this week, where they were given the chance to discuss their situation with officials from the Digital Scotland programme.


“While broadband connectivity is ultimately reserved to Westminster, The Scottish Government made a manifesto commitment to roll out superfast broadband across the whole country by 2021. Fast and reliable internet is fundamental for future economic success in the Levenmouth area, I will continue to work with the Scottish Government so ensure that all the communities I serve are reached by the roll-out as soon as possible.”




Attached: Jenny with DSSB officials at broadband surgery on 5th July.

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