Gilruth Backs Healthier School Meals for Kids in Fife

Published date : 04 Jun 2018

Gilruth Backs Healthier School Meals for Kids in Fife


Fife MSP Jenny Gilruth has backed recommendations to make school food and drink healthier.


Strict rules already apply to the nutritional content of meals, drinks and snacks served in schools. Views are now being sought on proposals to further reduce sugar and other measures to promote healthy choices and help tackle childhood obesity.


Commenting, Ms Gilruth said:


“As a former teacher, I know how important it is that children receive a heathy meal at school.


“More than 360,000 meals are served in Scottish schools every day, setting our young people up their lessons and shaping their healthy eating habits later in life.


“The Scottish Government’s proposals to introduce less sugar and more fruit and vegetables to the school menu are based on expert advice, as well as the views of local authorities, schools and catering staff.


“I’d like to encourage anyone with an interest on this issue, especially parents of school pupils, to have their say on the move in the Scottish Government’s online consultation.”


The consultation on School Food Regulations can be viewed on the Scottish Government website:




In 2017, the Scottish Government established a technical working group with representation from NHS Health Scotland, Education Scotland, Food Standards Scotland. Their report and final recommendations are published online.


The remit of the technical working group was to undertake a review of the existing School Food and Drink Regulations (Scotland) 2008, and to provide evidence based recommendations to progress school food further towards the Scottish Dietary Goals (SDGs). The primary focus of the group was the health and wellbeing of children and young people.


The Scottish Government accepted all of the recommendations from the Technical Working Group.

In primary schools uptake of school lunches is the highest it has ever been due to the introduction of free school meals for all Primary 1-3 children in January 2015.



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