Published date : 07 Mar 2017

Latest figures released by the Scottish Government have shown that more school leavers across Fife are going on to positive initial destinations.

In 2015-16, 92.7% of school leavers across the Kingdom went on to positive destinations after leaving school, up from 92.4% for the previous year and up by more than 3% since 2011-12.

The figures also reveal that 39% of leavers went into higher education in 2015/16 while 17% secured employment. The SNP Government has made education its number one priority in this parliament and is committed to improving education standards in our schools and giving our young people the best opportunities in life.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes Jenny Gilruth said: “The Scottish Government is committed to continually improving standards in our schools and ensuring that young people have opportunities to go on to work, education or training and make the best start in adult life.

“Our schools across Fife are benefitting from this commitment from the Scottish Government and are making excellent progress in helping our young people have the best chances in life – and additional spending in the budget and the funding to close the attainment gap will go further still to helping more young people from Fife find positive destinations after leaving school.

“I’m delighted to see 92% of school leavers in Fife now going to positive destinations such as employment, training, university or college after leaving school. This shows the continued progress the Scottish Government is making to give young people across Fife the best start in life.” 

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