Published date : 18 May 2018

Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth has condemned Fife’s Health officials for using the Kingdom as an ‘experiment’ for NHS reforms. Speaking at a public meeting organised by Glenrothes Area Futures Group, the MSP said:


"The public have a right to know the truth behind what is really going on here. I remain in the dark as to what impact assessment has taken place since the 9th of April. I remain in the dark as to how health officials have judged the risk to the population in Glenrothes in terms of patient care. It is quite clear that if patients can’t afford a taxi to Kirkcaldy then they cannot access out of hours. The poorest are - and will - suffer most. That is not only unfair - it is simply immoral.’


Following the meeting, the MSP commented: 


"The public should also know that what is happening in Fife is not happening currently anywhere else in the country. It’s an experiment cooked up Fife’s bureaucratic Health & Social Care Partnership. It is not usual practice – and nor is it good practice – to close services and then ask the public what they think."


While the proposed closure is temporary, campaigners have underlined serious concerns that this is the first step towards a permanent end to the vital service, particularly given Health officials previosuly attempted to close Glenrothes Out of Hours in 2013. 


On Tuesday 22nd May the Integrated Joint Board will vote on the future of Glenrothes Hospital's out of hours provision. 


The local MSP has written individually to the eight councillors and eight non-executives who sit on the IJB's voting panel, urging them to reject the proposals. The MSP commented:


Fife must not be used as an experiment ground for local officials ambitions. We have a temporary closure which we are told is due to staff shortages. Health officials must now find the staff to fill these vacancies. This closure must not be used as an opportunity by Fife’s Health & Social Care Partnership, to drive forward changes which have absolutely nothing to do with staffing. The public will be confused by what is going on - the IJB members must reject these proposals & ensure the partnership get back to the day job before planning any changes to the Kingdom’s future healthcare provision’. 


Ms Gilruth has also written to the Director of the Health and Social Care Partnership to provide details of the work that has been undertaken in the past month to recruit staff.


A full transcript of the MSP’s speech is attached.





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