Published date : 11 Dec 2020

Concerted effort needed in our communities to bring Fife down to level 2 measures
Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth MSP, is calling on her constituents to make a concerted effort to stick with the Scottish Government’s rules to increase Fife’s chances of moving to level 2 restrictions before Christmas.
On Tuesday [8 December], Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that Fife remains in level 3 as Covid case levels in the Kingdom are still moderate – with test positivity up slightly. 
The First Minister made it clear that the Scottish Government is taking a deliberately cautious approach in order to safely allow limited gathering over Christmas to mitigate issues of isolation and loneliness. 
In order to move into level 2 over the festive period, the prevalence of the virus needs to drop in all parts of Fife – and the local MSP is hoping that communities in Mid Fife and Glenrothes will play their part.  
Commenting after the fifth review of level allocations for local authorities, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:
“Nine months into this global epidemic, we are all suffering from Covid fatigue. Tough but necessary restrictions have been in place to varying degrees on our lives since March and no individual, family or business has been immune to the challenges posed by the virus. 
“Knowledge that restrictions are being relaxed around Christmas as well as the beginning of the Covid vaccination programme gives us much-needed hope for a  future without Covid. But it also poses a risk to our communities and NHS if we allow ourselves to relax too much. The Covid threat is still very real: the virus is present in our communities and could spread out of control unless we stick with the rules.
“Fife moving to level 2 measures before Christmas would give a real boost to our local businesses and give us another shot of confidence before festivities get under way. That’s why I’m calling on my constituents to double down in the days ahead by sticking to the rules so we can do our bit to suppress the virus. 
“We’ve all had to make many sacrifices this year so let’s do all we can to continue our collective endeavour for our friends, neighbours and loved ones. Please remember that if you need my help or advice on coronavirus or any other issue, you can get in touch with me by email to or call my constituency office on 01592 764815.”
Editors’ Notes
•    Information on the Scottish Government’s allocation of protection levels to local authorities and accompanying evidence paper from the fifth review of levels on 8 December can be accessed at: 
•    The evidence paper showed that the weekly cases per 100,000 in Fife increased on 4 days and remained constant on 2 in the week up to 7 December and test positivity increased on 5 of those days. (page 19)
•    Information about current level 3 protection measures can be accessed on the Scottish Government’s website here:

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